Welcome To Our Website!

We are working very hard to keep our customers happy.

That means the web page, sometimes takes a back stage to getting theaters installed.

We are looking for a talented young person (high-school) or (college) who needs some intern hours, who can help make this site as advanced as our installs.

Now Hiring

We are seeking 1 or 2 part time installers to help grow our little company. These positions are for entry level (no experience) all the way to senior installer (years of experience).

If you are interested, you should check out this link and and answer a few questions. If you seem like the right fit, we will contact you for an interview.

What Makes Us Unique

We really do care about the customer.

The owner answers the phone when ever possible.

We have sent out technicians for late night, holiday, and weekend calls to get the system working for the party, or event, or just to turn off the smoke detector beeping.

Technology for your Living Space . . .

Home, Work, or ANY place!