About Us

Started in the summer of 1984. Our first logo was made at the time before easily using fonts, and computers were part of the layout process.       Using clear velum paper and press on letters, we had to deliver 4 pages to the printer. They then had to make imprints of those, and run them on separate days. They only ran different colors on different days back then. The first 500 business cards cost over $300 in costs, and 20 hours of production time.

Using this logo, and a business license, a fictitious business name and a PO Box in Mira Loma, CA., specTom came into being. Originally owned by Junie P. Balough as we were told to become a Woman Owned Business for government incentives and preference in job assignments.  Through most of the 80's and 90's specTom was mostly ran by (Thomas) Tom G. Balough. Doing high tech work on devices known as vacuum leak detectors, Tom was able to quit the corporate world, and become his own boss.

Meanwhile, Tommy, the current owner, was attending classes at UCR and RCC, learning about Macintosh Computers (the new Apple computers) and changing out Token Ring networks for AppleTalk and EtherNet.

Lots of events through the late 90's led to Tommy beginning to run wire for networks for schools. This led in turn to meeting a phone technician who also installed security systems, intercoms, and home surround sound. By 1999, at the turn of the century, specTom was becoming a second entity, turning to the home technology business. In 2005, Tommy took his test for a C-7 (low voltage contractor) license, and passed, opening the door for expansion into bigger jobs.

For the next 4 Years, late nights and weekends you could get Tommy to help you fix your technology "after hours" for a discount from the prices charged by American Home Entertainment or Audio/Video Entertainment  (AHE and AVE respectively)  where he spent his 7 - 3 or longer days.

In 2009, after ten years in the industry, many home theater installation companies came into problems with the sudden drop in the housing industry, including the one Tommy (now Thomas or Tom) was working for. With plenty of experience, and a couple dozen dedicated clients, specTom once again filed for a fictitious business license, this time in Lake Forest, CA.   The logo then was modernized a little to its current iteration. It can be found on shirts, and business cards, and even a tie or two.

Through all of this, we strive to offer quality service at a reasonable price, great customer support, and more solutions than you thought were possible.

About US

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