Post date: Oct 18, 2019 8:43:41 PM

One of the best things to come of it is we now have great WiFi everywhere, even in the back yard! Who knew that TV and Sound guys would fix our internet!

"They ultimately gave us more than we expected"

We moved into a house with speakers everywhere, but nothing to control them, or make them work.

A friend suggested we give specTom a call. Tom came out and checked out what we had. He explained that the previous owners had taken too much equipment. 

He asked how much we listen to music, and if we all listen to the same thing or different types of music. Based on that, he suggested a system that would allow for a few shared sources of music, and individual choices as well. We can control the whole thing with our iPhones or iPad, or from the Family Room remote. They integrated everything in the Family Room as well, and now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to watch AppleTV or play the Wii.